Teach Etiquette in Colleges May 28, 2020 by Trenton Lawson

Is there a more appropriate topic for discussion in the current society?

Obviously no. Because we have been witnessing serious behavioral problems in students graduating these days. No one can deny the claim that teaching etiquette in colleges is beneficial.

There is no denying the fact that education and power without etiquette and ethics is a dangerous weapon, and in recent years, we have noticed an increase in the number of powerful leaders behaving in ways people never expect from them. The primary reason for this is the lack of ethics and etiquette education they received during their formative years.

Well, the mere fact is that education and etiquette must go together to make a person successful. For example, even if a candidate is highly qualified and skilled in a particular trade, the employer might decide to reject his application merely for the fact that his performance in the job interview was not polite enough or the interview panel felt so. Do you think this is a rare incident? Never; it happens every day. People who gain more appreciation and attention in job selection procedures are often the ones with a better expression of etiquette.

Again, once selected, who becomes successful in leadership roles? Obviously, the ones with better etiquette. The reason is simple: for a manager to paramountessays.com be successful, it is necessary to communicate with a large number of people and ensure continued support from a large number of employees in various roles. However, reducing the need for etiquette to the sphere of employment is an injustice. Do you think one can be successful in their social relationships and even family life in the absence of etiquette?

Yet another significant reason to advocate for etiquette training in colleges is that it helps to bring uniformity and universality. Students from different families and backgrounds tend to exhibit significant differences in their concept of etiquette, and the modern-day multicultural societies often find it difficult to deal with such youngsters. An effective solution to ensure that they all develop the same concepts of etiquette is to start https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/685/03/ etiquette training in colleges, where they are mature enough to understand the meaning and purpose of the same.

The importance of etiquette training has grown dramatically with globalization. Unlike the past, today, we are interacting with a wider population from various places across the world. For example, your classmates are from different countries and cultures, your teachers often belong to different communities, your employer is a foreign company, and you need to interact with colleagues from different parts of the world every day as a part of your job. In such situations, the ones with the right etiquette training will be more successful than others.

There are people who claim that etiquette training should begin early, that is, as a part of dissertation service primary education. However, what children do during their initial years is just imitation, they are unable to learn and modify etiquette in a meaningful way. Therefore, etiquette training in colleges is a wise idea and a necessity these days.